Product Photography

Product photography and editing services, under one roof to meet your needs.

St. James Beach, Cape Town

Cape Town Photography Tours

DLPHOTO Photography Tours in Cape Town allow you the opportunity to combine an unforgettable holiday with a fantastic creative learning experience.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography workshop on lighting and flash techniques in a full studio setup with a professional model.

EFC 68 MMA Championship in Cape Town, South Africa | Photography by David Lazarus

Quick Tips for Action Photography

To capture images seemingly frozen in a split second, you need to understand the basics of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. Master any and all of these settings, and you will find yourself shooting faster and with greater clarity and intent than you thought possible. Until then, however, here's a few quick tricks.

Tips for Photographing Cape Wildflowers

With the Cape spring comes the bloom of thousands of Cape Wildflowers, attracting nature-lovers and photographers alike. Here's some tips for taking stellar photos on your travels.

Choosing the Right Lenses: When & Why

When it comes to photography, the lens is key.