Taking Photographs in the rain and getting great results

There are a few pointers on the “preparation list” before you venture out, that being, take an umbrella to keep yourself and your camera gear dry, and rain free.

Teens Photography Short Courses

Learn the features and how your camera settings work in order to take command and be creative in your photography.

The Reasons why we need to Know How and When to Edit Photographs

Are you a photographer or an artist of some kind? Once you can answer this question you will have an overall understand of the purpose of editing.

The Importance of a Great Portrait Photography

From models to actors, from family to corporate, the look needs to be encompassed in the photograph and needs to be displayed across all the various looks for each image. Not being at ease at the shoot will deplete one’s confidence as well as your ability to perform naturally or in a professional manner to suit the brief.

The Importance of understanding your camera settings and features

Most cameras provide a choice of shooting in either manual or automatic. From the start, let me suggest you spend some quality time understanding how to shoot in manual as opposed to automatic. Cameras today are not cheap, so when you own a camera understand how to use it in order to get the most out of the features and in turn, great results.

How to prepare you for your photoshoot

Models and actors alike need more than just the looks, they need to show expression and display the mood that is required for the look and the style of the shoot as well as adhere to the requirements of the brief.

Lighting set ups made simple to photograph portraits professionally

Many photographers assume that shooting portraiture requires an in-depth knowledge of lighting as well as a large budget for lighting gear and studio set up. Well the good news is that this is definitely not true. A portable home studio setup aided by simple speedlite flash heads will do the trick.

How to plan a photographic exhibition and generate sales.

We share similar dreams and goals to be on the walls of a famous and credible gallery where like-minded critics and art consumers appreciate and commend you on your work. Follow the right steps and plan properly and you could be one of the fortunate people to reach their dreams.

How to become a Professional Photographer in 2020

It is not always about the qualifications, it is about you and your portfolio. Qualifications does not mean you are a good photographer, you either have an eye or you don’t. At the end of the day, your eye, your ability to communicate professionally and deliver, along with great marketing and an impressive portfolio will get you to the places you want to go. It’s a wonderful career, look at it like a holiday, be passionate and open to learn and experiment every day and the money will come. My suggestion is a short practical course that meets your requirements.