Current Trends for Social

In today’s world, there is a strong shift toward short video clips being the “story teller” behind a campaign, launch, activation, or any form of creating awareness to build or educate your audiences and target markets.

Short – form videos are thriving in the form of promo and marketing and ecommerce content through platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels and You tube, to only mention a few as they provide a sense of belonging to niche and community focused groups to gain traction and market share over their competition and rivals. Similar to the direct that print has shifted, where a thick publication that covered many topics, has diversified toward many smaller and more specific content publications.

We are all aware at the speed at which ‘info overload” is pushed out through these social channels and how quickly news becomes old or obsolete. This is to keep users engaged with new features and hold their attention for as long as possible. There is also a rapid growth in audio and voice content to compliment the visual aspect within the recorded “story clips” that are being produced, making for a “real live interaction experience”, and we are not talking Ai at this point. This encourages users to create more content related campaigns for their bands and products to build authenticity and strengthen engagement. In 2023 media trends have curved their attention and commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility aligned to the values of a younger demographic.

The Requirements of a Studio for Social Media Producers

From the above, trends indicate that there are many considerations and special planning that goes into social media content. This will depend on the requirements and the brief related to the type of content and the scale of the production and the budget allocation.

6 Tips to choosing the correct studio:

1. Space and location

Make sure that you choose a suitable space that will meet the needs of the production and client brief without compromise. Factors like the size of the space, the entire size of the studio based on the cast and size of the production is important. Also consider the lighting for the mood and setup as well as the layout and shape of the room to ensure the range is correct for the setup and stage. In essence, the space needs to functional and comfortable.

2. Camera and lighting gear

Both camera and lighting gear is costly, especially if you wanting a professional end result. Not all production companies or freelance camera people have their own gear, so they are reliant on outsourcing and rentals which again is costly and effects the budget. Taking into consideration that equipment like stands and backdrops are bulky and large when it comes to transport and setup.

Enquire if the studio provides camera gear and lighting and if this is included in the cost. This will add convenience to the initial setup and save time and money overall. Also make sure that the studio has invested in high quality cameras, lenses and lighting for videography.

Lighting is as crucial as the camera gear to insure proper results. Today we are spoilt with amazing high end mirrorless technology as well as LED panels and continuous lighting with soft boxes to control and enhance the required lighting conditions for the production brief.

3. Make sure that the studio also provides backdrop stands for your paper and background screens as well as the necessary lighting and c stands. Large bounce boards and reflectors are also important for diffusing the light appropriately.

4. Remember to take the set design and props to mind from the mood board and client brief. Chairs, tables and plants are often part of the production and will need to match the look and feel on set to enhance the branding and messaging.

5. The space will need high speed internet as well as chairs and tables for setting up the recording and sound equipment. There is also the need for comfortable seating for cast, the clients and the guests.

6. Finally, make sure that the studio space is secure and has facilities like a change room, make up area, kitchen area and a bathroom internally so the production and proceed and run without interruption… not to mention equipped for load shedding.