What is actually happening today with video

Is it really necessary to shoot video in a professional Studio Environment? Straight up, my answer would definitely be a YES.

There is huge shift and an ongoing trend, that have forced most businesses using online platforms, to allocate larger budgets to video rather than stills. Obviously, the intention for online SEO, is to achieve ranking performance over competitive clients. Statistics and research have shown that audiences react better to” live” feeds, such as podcasts, educational and content related videos on You tube channels, as well as on their own sites than the visual appeal being a static representation Today, audiences tend to be more attracted to the interaction of people seeing people. The interaction provides mood around the content in the form of visual expression, sound and movement when getting a message across. Yes, a lot more real, and a lot more present in today’s modern and ever changing age.

Why video has become the way forward

What is great, is that almost everyone with a mobile phone has the opportunity to shoot video. There are many social media platforms that have opened doors to this world of entertainment and visual communication. Many businesses alike, make use of creating basic videos to present themselves on such platforms for social media marketing purposes as well as for their professional needs.

The Need to hire a Professional Studio

A professional studio setup provides the tools and the space to create top end content. Sound is vital, as without good quality sound, the video intention becomes diluted and often worthless. Although cameras and microphones assist greatly to producing clarity and decent sound, the acoustics as well as a sound proof studio space is essential. Outside noise is often a challenge and cannot always be edited out in post-production. Even the slightest noise of a fan can influence the sound quality. Lighting and backgrounds are just as important as they enhance the mood and the picture quality.

Who needs to hire a professional studio and what are the rates

Today, there are many so called spaces to hire for rental, catering for large budget productions, as well as smaller entities and clients across the online platforms. As video has made such an impression, clients require professional results. Videographers are no longer able to shoot content in their garage or backroom of their house, neither able to complete the assignment with low budget entry level gear. There is a need for affordable studios that cater for videographers and their clients that offer all in one package that are not only flexible in terms of client needs, but provide all gear and to complete a professional production. Unfortunately, in these challenging economic times that we are faced with, larger studios are feeling the brunt and are becoming hard hit as smaller studios are beginning to excel as they are affordable to meet the budget of the client.

I have taken the last 2 years to regroup my thoughts and adapt my business model from a photography and video studio for rental, to an all-inclusive solution. Understanding the market, the budgets and the needs of my clients, fellow photographers and videographers who are trying to maintain a profitable business in the field need to be recognized and heard. The truth of the matter is that in such times, one needs to invest time and research in new ways to be of service, otherwise you sink. What has been most important in this process, is to be a good listener and be open to adjustable solutions, where your clients are not just clients, but family. Without these skilled people, you have nothing, so again, it’s about working together and at the same time adding value all round.

So, I urge you to do the same and follow suit. For those individuals in search of studios for video rental, look around and do your research, as a client will no longer accept B grade work after being exposed to what is actually out there.