In order to thrive as a successful video blogger, also known as a vlogger, by some, requires a major amount of dedication, along with creativity and consistency to make the movie clip POP . As someone who is hiring out fully equipped studio to vloggers, Have taken this time to share some important tips to help you in. your quest to improving and growing your business as a successful video blogger:

  1. Choosing a job brief:
    • Make sure that you select a niche market that you are passionate and comfortable about, and have some knowledge and expertise in. having experience, or a background in a topic that you are passionate about always seems easier to work on and in the end works out best for you and the client as you will “shine”. Creating content that you are genuinely interested in is more engaging for your audience as you will add more effort and dedicate more time to producing a well-orchestrated clip for hand over, which, in essence will generate more opportunities and briefs from your client as well as other like minded potential clients that are exposed to your work.

Make sure you do your homework and planning:

Develop a tight and “realistic” content strategy that you are able to deliver on  and create a content calendar to ensure regular uploads to your client platforms. As all bloggers know, the goal is “consistency” , as this is what will grow the  audience. Depending on the brief, you will need to plan accordingly as each client brief is unique as has a “WOW” factor that you need to expose.

Quality verses quantity when investing in Equipment:

    • Make sure that you purchase a good camera, microphone, and lighting the correct lighting gear to ensure your videos have high a production value. Make sure your gear has good backup and can do the job property and without hitches. Although gear of this nature is costly, it is an investment that you will need to make if you are serious and wish to stand out in front of your competition. Quality equipment will make a significant difference in the overall appeal of your videos, which will add value and income returns to building your brand name. Should costs be holding you back, look for a professional studio that includes  all your lighting gear and fits the profile of the job and your needs to carry out the shoot professionally. Below is a list of vlogging equipment that  believe you will need to start off with.

Impact is key in Video:

    • Make sure that your video titles and thumbnail images are attention-grabbing and offer a relevant synergy to the content. They play a crucial role in getting viewers to click on your videos and need to navigate logically and smoothly.

Be Yourself on Camera:

    • It is very important to let your personality shine through. Being authentic can help you connect with your audience on a personal level which is what sells. You want to hold the attention of your audience, so be genuine from the start. So long as  you are able to tap in to them, the more chance they will listen to what you have to say.

Focus on telling a shot story:

    • The content is king. Your content needs to be of high-quality, as well as informative, with a flavour of entertainment that that offer value to your viewers. Remember that these videos re short, so pay attention to the time and to make sure not to lose meaning and direction to your story. Therefore, make a note to pay attention to your storytelling, editing, and post-production, and remember, this is all in the initial planning process which will create the open and closing of the clip.


    • Do your homework and research in identifying the best software for your needs. If this is too much of a challenge, or you don’t have the time or capital to edit, hire a professional editor to insure your videos are visually appealing and engaging. Make sure you add this to the quote as good video editors can be costly . Good editing can make a significant difference to the outcome, so it needs to be accounted for every job size and brief.

Talk to your Audience:

    • Respond to comments, questions, and feedback from your audience. Build a community following and grow your followers by responding with comments that  help foster loyalty and trust. The bigger your audience and followers the more work you will do.

Create Your Content awareness:

    • Use social media, SEO, and other marketing platforms to promote your videos in order to reach a larger audience. Make sure that you choose the most suitable platforms that will draw the audience’s attention. There are many social platforms and groups to choose from, but be specific to as you are “the program manager” and you need followers that will boost your brand. Make use of programs that will help you to analyse your performance. These programs are available on the likes of You Tube, which will allow you to grow and make the right strategic planning decisions. They will also assist you with adapting to, and advise you on  the latest algorithms in order to remain relevant.

Monetize Your Channel:

    • There are many ways to  monetize your brand channel like ads, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, trade exchanges and merchandised sales. By “ having all your lines in the water’ at the same time, will  help diversify and grow your income streams.

Your studio space:

    • Your background should be clean and uncluttered, as it can affect the visual appeal of your vlogs. Consider using a plain backdrop or a green screen.


    • The lighting needs to meet the mood of the brief and is  therefore crucial in the setup process. Normally, soft, diffused lighting to avoid harsh shadows is necessary. It is also important that you are able to adjust the brightness compensation and the temperature to meet the consistency and the look and feel. There are studios that will include the lighting and assist you with the set up for your brief.

Camera and Tripod:

    • Vloggers can make use of high-quality cameras or smartphones with good video capabilities. Make sure you have a stable tripod to mount your device in order to prevent shaky footage.


    • Invest in a good external microphone. There are two common options to choose from, a lavaliere (lapel) microphone or a shotgun microphone which helps reduce background noise and provides clear audio..


    • Depending on the type of recording for your client, you will need a studio with minimised echo and no external noise in your recording space.

Props and Set Design:

    • Make sure that you have the necessary props for the job, the likes of furniture, or decor to enhance the visual appeal of your video. Often one will just hire this, just make sure that you include this is your quotation and explain the reasons to the client for rental.

Stay focused and keep learning as this is an industry that never stops evolving.

Remember that the ideal studio setup may vary depending on your specific vlogging niche and style. It’s essential to tailor your studio environment to your content and audience. It is important to also update your setup as your needs change with the trends and mood of the client briefs. Stay open to making improvements as you are gaining more experience and expanding your scope and client base.