Photography Courses

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If you’ve completed the Beginner to Pro course or are simply already well versed in your photography skills then this is the ideal next step in your photographic journey.

Our advanced photography courses will afford you the opportunity to learn advanced photographic techniques that allow you to create images that stand out and further and capture the attention and imagination of the viewer.

These lessons position you with a skill-set that assists you in creating professional looking images in any situation. You will also learn an assortment of amazing creative and technical techniques that will help you express your personal artistic vision of the world.

A lot of aspiring photographers begin to find that after shooting for a while that their growth and progression plateaus after a while. If you want to advance in your work, stop stagnating and take a massive jump forward by considering signing up for our advanced course. DLPHOTO will help you understand how to use your camera to better tell your intended story by exploring more complex camera techniques and applying new thinking to your photographic processes.

Pro Photography Classes

Our laid-back learning format presents a unique contrast of hands-on learning techniques and skills mastered over many years.
R12 000.

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Learn advanced flash and lighting techniques working in a fully-equipped studio setup.
R1 600

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A practical exercise in street photography techniques in the scenic Cape Town City Bowl.
R1 600

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A walkthrough of the post-production process and bringing your work up to industry standard.
R1 600.

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Conduct your own fashion shoot from concept to print with a professional model in a full studio setup.
R2 200

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A practical exercise in capturing your subject with a fully-equipped studio lighting setup.
R1 800

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Real Practical Experience

Learn in a working environment from a true industry professional, DLPHOTO founder and instructor David Lazarus. Discover tips and tricks about the camera and the industry to start your career in photography.

All Gear Supplied

DLPHOTO is a fully-equipped photography studio with lighting setup, infinity curve, editing suites, and a wide range of photography equipment to let you learn and experiment. Pro level DSLR digital cameras are also available to help you get started.

Flexible Course Options

With individual attention in three-hour workshops and part-time courses for the individual or group, each class is customizable to your needs and interests – giving you the flexibility to learn what you want, when you want.

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