Beginner Photography Courses
Beginner to Pro
From : R4400
Beginner Photography Courses
Beginner to Pro
From : R4400


This is a comprehensive course, for anyone interested in photography as a hobby or a career. We’ll take you through the basics of shooting in manual, understanding the importance of good lighting, to mastering the flash both in studio as well as outdoors to achieve professional results.

With a fully-equipped studio including DSLRs, pro lenses, off-camera flashes and a range of studio lighting equipment, you don’t even need a camera to start learning. We provide professional advice to assist you in  buying camera gear to meet your personal needs and budget.

We customise your course to match your interests, as well as offer flexible class times to fit your schedule with our one-on-one weekday course option. Group classes are kept small to insure individual hands on attention.

Learn from all our core workshops at one special price, and get discounts on Advance Courses and Studio Rental for your future intentions. Save even more with our group class on Saturday mornings.


R 4 400 for the four core workshops, plus discounts on Advanced Workshops and Studio Rental.
Complete the course at your own speed and schedule, with individual classes available Monday to Thursday at 10:30am or by appointment.
Save 10% off with group classes on Saturdays 10:30am for only R 4 200.

Certification on completion of all our photography courses and workshops.

Our beginner photography course takes you from learning how to use your camera to having a full understanding of what makes a good photo all the way through to advanced creative techniques. To ensure you get the most out of the course, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy practical shoots with our instructor.

No other photography course offers the depth of content plus one-on-one type of environment and individual attention that you will get from us. Whether you just want to do photography for fun, or you want to pursue becoming a professional photographer as a career, our Beginner to Pro is for you.


Beginner Photography Course

Beginner to Pro

Take your photography from Beginner To Pro

From : R4400


One-on-one weekday part time photography course

Master all the manual features of the camera, lighting setups and editing skills in 4 weekday sessions of 3 hours each. Sessions are conducted in our studio as well as outdoors on location.


Weekend group part time photography course

Available on Saturdays on a monthly basis over 4  sessions of 3 hours each.

We provide certification on completion of all our photography courses and workshops.

Our goal is to be an incubator for photographic excellence and a place that takes entry-level photographers and shapes them into an innovative generation of authentic story-tellers with a well-rounded photographic skill-set, able to perform at a professional level. Ideal for those interested in pursuing photography as a hobby or career.

We provide sound marketing and career advice as to online presentation, building a client base and developing a foundation for a profitable career in photography.

Four sessions of practical instruction with minimal theory provide a clear understanding of the concepts and techniques required in professional studio and location photography alike. Individual classes ensure all concepts are understood and tailored to personal interest, whether fashion, advertising, weddings, portraiture…

With all gear provided – from DSLR cameras and lenses, to speedlights and a full studio setup – you’ll discover what you need to ensure you invest wisely. More importantly, you’ll learn how to use your camera like a pro for the genres that you wish to photograph. Sign up today at only R 4 400 for a master course in photography through our four core Beginner to Pro workshops.


Session 1 – Know Your Camera

A practical introduction to taking great photos. Learn how to use your digital camera in manual like a pro, and understand aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Discover the art of composition, and basic flash and lighting techniques typically at play in street and travel photography.
Three-hour session

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Session 2 – Flash & Lighting

Learn how to work with light and the Speedlite flash to create effects of your design. This class is practical and hands on, with a full range of studio lighting equipment to let you explore the depth of flash photography.
Three-hour session

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Session 3 – Outdoor Photography

A field test on location in the Cape Town Company’s Garden or Bo-Kaap.
Three-hour session

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Session 4 – Post-Production & Editing

An introduction to post-production focusing on editing, colour correction, and the photo transfer process from capture to print.
Three-hour session

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